Candidate Profile

Household income (per month)

Date of Birth

Maximum Qualification

2.How much do you know about retail?
Very MuchNot Very MuchLittle BitNothing

5.How many minimum years can you stay with a company from your date of joining?

6.How will you arrange your accommodation at your place of working?

7.How much salary per month do you require minimum to start a job outside Odisha?

8.Do you want to study further or interested to continue with the job if you are selected?

9.How good are you in spoken English?

10.How good are you in spoken Hindi?

11.Do you know any other language than your mother-tongue?

12.How earliest you can join a company outside Odisha if selected?

13.How often do you decide on your own career?

14.Do you want anybody to interfere in your career decision?

15.Do you have any problem in taking food outside your home?

16.Do you have any problem in staying together with your professional friends?

17.What are your bad habits?

18.What about your food habits?